We're All in This Together: Creating a Self and Socially Aware Workplace


9:00 am-12:15 pm

Embracing differences and finding balance has always been a challenge, but now more than ever, we not only need to work together, but we need to learn how to help one another and the workplace thrive. ​  


About the speaker: Andrea Peck

Andrea Peck (Andie) is a trainer, facilitator, speaker and communication coach-- certified in Myers Briggs and Emotional Intelligence (EQi.2.0).  She supports and inspires groups and individuals to elevate their communication I.Q.  Andrea has trained staff and professionals at local hospitals and Universities, various associations and nonprofits, as well as small business and at Corporate College.    

By asking the important questions and sharing resources, she helps clients to dig deep and gain a renewed sense of themselves-- whether their focus is creative problem-solving, building relationships, navigating differences, or expressing their best self. As a result, they are more aware-- of themselves and others, able to clarify their purpose and goals, and recognize the value of being a skilled, competent communicator.

Andrea is author of: "Journaling: Discovering Ourselves through Acts of Creation," and a booklet: "Professional Image Enhancement: 49 Tips for Achieving Job Satisfaction and Success."