Our Four Strategic Pillars

Every year we focus our efforts on four strategic pillars to help the Agency accomplish our mission and work toward our vision.

Our Consumer Plan

Our Consumer Plan aims to ensure that older adults and people with disabilities are heard by legislators and government officials. We strive to ensure that their needs are addressed and to provide a range of choices to them for how and where they age. We build this advocacy and education strategy around the collective voice of our national and state trade associations. By leveraging this collective expertise, we can ensure a consistent message, timely advice and feedback, and effective methods and channels for communicating with elected officials.

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Our People Plan

Direction Home Akron Canton’s most important focus and most valuable resource is people. We care for people in their homes, we employ people with a passion for our mission, and we work with likeminded groups of people to achieve success. We created our People Plan with a focus on learning and growth to ensure synergy in the interaction of all these groups. We search for people who exemplify our motto, “Competency, Courtesy and Compassion.”

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Our Quality Plan

The foundation of our success has been the explicit creation of our organizational culture that integrates Lean/Six Sigma, Disney business management models and compliance methods imported from healthcare into one integrated system. This system uses visual dashboards and consistent feedback to ensure continuous quality improvement. In doing so, we strive to exceed the expectations of our members and customers.

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Our Financial Plan

Our strategies would not be complete without a measured plan for investment in capital and human resources. Where we focus our efforts will determine our success, and we have several areas of investment to move us into a bright future.

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You can also learn more about our strategic vision in our most recent annual report