AnitaAnita, an Akron resident and native, needed help making her home livable for her late husband Ken.

Direction Home got her the help she needed.

Up until Ken passed away, Anita was his sole caregiver.

With the help of Direction Home, Anita converted her shower to a walk-in shower to make it more accessible for Ken.

“It just made a world of difference to have a walk-in shower for him,” she said.

Now, it is helpful for her own care.

“I really like my home. Having the walk-in shower, that’s made a wonderful difference,” she said.

Anita said she hopes to stay in Akron.

“I really like being in Akron, it’s close to the freeway and it’s close to stores,” she said. “The neighbors are wonderful and friendly.”

Anita and Ken have lived off social security for several years. Now, Anita lives off one income.

“I’m just now down to one income,” she said. “Whether or not I’ll be able to stay here, it’s going to be very very rough.”

Anita is looking forward to spending time doing things she likes, such as sitting on her back deck.

“This year, maybe this coming spring and summer I’ll be able to go out and enjoy the nice deck I have out in the back,” she said.

Anita said she has found joy in the nice people around her.

“Everybody’s very caring, just like Direction Home,” she said. “When you find people that are very nice, it’s just nice to stay in your home.”

Anita said she is happy where she is, and feels secure in her home.

“I’m fairly outgoing and I walk my little dog around, so I know a lot of people in the neighborhood,” she said. “It’s a nice feeling to be able to stay here as long as I can.”

Anita added she has recommended Direction Home to some friends in the past.

“I also recommended Direction Home to several people,” she said. “It’s there for us to take advantage of.”

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