Direction Home Akron Canton has a solid compliance program in place specifically designed to increase security and meet the needs of the unique long-term care environment. It also helps to reduce risk, meet federal and state regulations, and ultimately improve the overall quality of care.

Our compliance program effectively engages employees across the entire organization, from our leadership to our line staff. Direction Home Akron Canton makes it a priority to maintain well-communicated protocols, frequent training and updates, and an efficient monitoring and investigation process for complaint reporting so every individual’s personal health information remains protected.


How to File a Complaint

At Direction Home Akron Canton, we believe it’s everyone’s responsibility to prevent compliance breaches and preserve a culture of integrity. If you see or suspect misconduct, we strongly urge you to report it. You can call 844.202.0080 or:
 report anonymously online 

Important Contact Information

If you have any questions about our privacy and compliance practices, please contact our VP of Compliance and Legal Affairs:

Ljudmila Burchfield
Direction Home Akron Canton
1949 Town Park Boulevard
Uniontown, OH 44685