The Direction Home Diners Club gives people 60 and over the opportunity to have meals in local participating restaurants. The program also strives to reduce social isolation by encouraging individuals to enjoy these meals with community members, family, and friends.

Please read before filling out the application:

  • In order to be eligible, you must reside in Summit, Stark, Wayne or Portage County.
  • You must be at least 60 years old or older.
  • Please submit one application per applicant.
  • Due to an increased need and limited funding, you may be placed on a waitlist and may receive the dining card sometime throughout the year as funding becomes available.
  • Currently, we have funding available through September 2024. We may not be able to continue serving you after September 30, 2024. Please reach back out to us if you have a continued need for meals as we may have other programs available to assist.
  • This is a dine-in program only as it strives to reduce social isolation.
  • The program is intended for individuals who do not receive meals from a place where they reside such as nursing homes.
  • This program does not provide transportation to/from the restaurant. 
  • We will issue one card per applicant. Please keep your card secured as we will upload meals to your card throughout the program.
  • We do not offer transportation to the restaurant as a part of this program.

A list of the participating restaurants is below. You can use your Direction Home Diners Club card at any of the restaurants on the list. The list will be updated as more restaurants join the program.

Apply for Diners Club

Participating Restaurants



How many meals do I get?

You will get 4 meals a month that you can use any time during the month.


Do meals roll over to the next month if I do not use them?

The meals do not roll over. If you do not use them, they will expire at the end of the month and you will get 4 meals for the following month.


Can I buy a meal for a family member if I bring them with me?

Meals are intended for the members only.  If there are other family members that would like to join the club, they can apply to see if they are eligible.


Do I have to tip or is the tip included?

The tip is not included and the tipping is entirely up to you.


What are the items I can pick from the menu?

The club encourages healthy eating and the restaurants are directed to provide healthy options to our members.


What is the eligibility criteria for the club?

A person applying must be 60 or older and reside in one of the following counties: Summit, Stark, Wayne or Portage. The club is intended for older adults, who without this assistance, would forgo eating a meal out at a local restaurant.


Where do I find a list of participating restaurants?

An updated list can be found at https://www.dhad.org/direction-home-diners-club or by calling 330-737-2060 and requesting a copy.


For more information, please call 330-737-2060.