NOTICE 0922815

DATE: September 6, 2022
TO: AAA Directors; PASSPORT Site Directors; Provider Relations Directors
FROM: Jacqueline Degenova, Chief, Division for Community Living
RE: Electronic Visit Verifications (EVV)
CONTACT: Angela Baker 614/531-6792 email:

The purpose of this notice is to request PAAs publish the attached updated Electronic
Visit Verification (EVV) Error Resolution Guide on each PAA’s website that is provided by
the Ohio Department of Aging (ODA). Beginning Sept. 14, 2022, the EVV validation failed code messages on provider claims are changing to more descriptive language for each EVV exception. The provider’s remittance advice will display the messages contained in the EVV Error Resolution Guide. ODA has created a new EVV Error Resolution Guide to help providers, individuals, and case managers.
The EVV Resolution Guide lists each exception, has an exception description, and provides action steps to resolve the exception. Below, is the current exception message in the system printed on an affected provider’s remittance advice and then a list of the updated versions.
Current message: “EVV Validation failed”
Updated message:
“EV001: Provider Medicaid # not found in PIMS”
“EV002: Provider not found in Sandata”
“EV003: Consumer not found in Sandata”
“EV004: Provider & Consumer not found in Sandata”
“EV005: Consumer not found for the provider in Sandata”
“EV006: Verified Service not found in Sandata”
“EV007: Service Date not found in Sandata “
“EV008: Units billed more than in Sandata”