Ohio has posted for public comment the renewal of the PASSPORT Medicaid Waiver, which was submitted to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) for review. The period for public comment on the proposed PASSPORT Waiver is May 3rd through June 1st, 2024.

The public comment period is a requirement under the January 16, 2014, CMS Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Settings Final Rule (CMS 2249-F/2296-F), which sets forth the actions Ohio will take to operate all applicable HCBS programs in compliance with the final rule. States are required to give notice and to provide a 30-day public comment period. During the public comment period, ODA requests the following of the PASSPORT Administrative Agencies (PAAs):

• In an area at the PAA where visitors are most likely to see them, print and post both Public Notice and Request for Comment documents as well as the Public Notice Summaries, all of which accompany this NOTICE.

• In order to provide public access to the proposed PASSPORT Waiver renewal and to facilitate public comment, create a link from the PAA website to the Ohio Department of Medicaid website page posting the documents, located at the following: Public Notices (

• Please make hard copies of the PASSPORT Waiver renewal available upon request.

• PAA Case Managers are encouraged to promote the opportunity to provide public comments on the proposed Medicaid Waiver renewal during conversations with individuals served on the Medicaid waiver, their family members, or anyone who might be interested.

ODA values the input of individuals interested in or impacted by changes to ODA Medicaid waivers and appreciates the contribution by the PAAs to this important process. Once the public comment period has concluded the PAA may remove the public notice announcements and the link to the renewal from the PAA’s website.

Public Notice and Request for Comment

Pursuant to the provision of title 42 Sections 441.301 and 441.304 of the Code of Federal Regulations, public notices are required for any of the following: new 1915(c) waiver, new 1915(i) state plan amendment, renewal of a 1915(c) waiver, and any amendment to a 1915(c) waiver that includes one or more substantive changes.

Public Notice: PASSPORT Waiver Renewal

Post Date

May 3rd, 2024

End Date

June 1st, 2024


The purpose of the renewal is to adopt policies consistent with the PASSPORT Living waiver.


PASSPORT Waiver Amendment

Summary/ Detail

Public Notices (


A non-electronic copy of the PASSPORT Waiver Renewal may be obtained if requested by leaving a voicemail with your mailing address at the following TOLL-FREE telephone number:  1 (855) 926-0994.

Comments must be submitted by midnight of the comment period end date using one of the following options:

Division for Community Living
30 E Broad Street, 22nd Floor

Columbus, OH 43215-3414

  • FAX: (614) 466-9812 (Please include Attn. PASSPORT Waiver Amendment in the subject line
  • Call toll-free to leave a voicemail message 1 (855) 926-0994
  • Courier or in-person submission to Attn:  Courier or in-person submission to Attn: Department of Aging, 30 E Broad Street, Columbus, OH 43215-3414