Direction Home Akron Canton will be conducting the following open forums to write and review the Area Plan and Older Americans Act Funding Waivers. The goal of these open forums is to obtain public feedback on:
I. 2023-2026 Strategic Area Plan
II. Allocation Recommendations
III. Direct Service Waivers

When and Where:

Areawide Advocacy Council
Zoom Meeting, April 29, 2022, 12PM
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Areawide Advocacy Council
Registration* and Location TBA 
July 29, 2022, 12PM

Meeting materials and Strategic Plan documents will be distributed to registrants in meeting reminder emails. To obtain the documents, and/or for registration questions, please contact Courtney Flickinger at // 330-776-4013.

Contact information for written comments: 
Attn: Matt Reed
Email (deadline up to one day prior the meeting):
Phone (deadline up to one day prior the meeting): 330-899-5208
Mail (please mail 7 days prior the meeting): 1550 Corporate Woods Pkwy; Uniontown, OH 44685