Self-Directed Care

What is Self-Direction?

  • Self-Direction or self-directed services means that members, or their representatives if applicable, have decision-making authority over certain services and take direct responsibility to manage their services with the assistance of a system of available supports.  At Direction Home Akron Canton members can choose to Self-Direct their personal care service needs.

Who is appropriate for Self-Direction?

  • Desire to have control of decisions regarding care
  • Understanding of service specifications
  • Ability to manage decisions and verbalize decisions
  • Ability to be the “Employer”
  • Strong problem-solving skills including ability to interview, hire, train, supervise and terminate employees
  • Safe and stable living environment
  • Strong and stable back-up plan
  • Agree to work with a Fiscal Management Service
  • Member may have a Self-Directed Authorized Representative act on their behalf

Self-Directed Service Option

  • Member and Care Manager/Waiver Service Coordinator decide what services are needed based on assessment
  • Member locates providers with assistance from case manager
  • Member understands that prospective provider must become certified and contracted a Choices Home Care Attendant (CHCAS) through ODA and Direction Home
  • Member dictates schedule based on assessed need
  • Member hires, trains and manages provider
  • Member addresses service issues directly with employee
  • Member in charge of time sheet approvals
  • Case Manager monitors quality of service and satisfaction
  • Member must continue to have a strong back-up plan


If you are interested, please contact Direction Home at or 330-595-1666 for more information regarding the Self-Directed process. 


The Self-Directed service option is available within Care Coordination, PASSPORT and MyCare Ohio.


3-Phase Process for Self-Directed Care