MyCare Ohio Provider Information

MyCare Ohio is a three-year demonstration project administered by the Ohio Department of Medicaid designed for individuals receiving both Medicare and Medicaid benefits into one program, operated by a Managed Care Plan. This includes people with disabilities, older adults and individuals who receive behavioral health services.

Statewide, MyCare Ohio will be available in seven regions covering 29 counties and approximately 114,000 individuals. We are in the East Central region of the MyCare Ohio Demonstration project, which includes Portage, Stark, Summit and Wayne counties.

East Central MyCare Ohio Plans

Two plans have contracted with the State of Ohio to serve Portage, Stark, Summit and Wayne counties: CareSource and UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Ohio. For providers seeking contracts with the Managed Care Plans, the following is contact information for staff in their respective contracting departments. As a provider, you should make it clear that you’re seeking a contract for the home and community-based provider network. There is also some additional useful contact information listed.


Provider Relations Department


MarQuita Epps
p 330.928.7732
f 855.839.0992

Elissa Douglas
p 612.642.7796
c 614.499.5131
f 855.428.2432

Ohio Department of Medicaid

Provider hotline: 800.686.1516
Department website

Direction Home Akron Canton Provider Relations Department

Important MyCare Ohio Information

Take a look at the MyCare Ohio resources below:

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